artspace mackay 2002

Artspace Mackay is a regional gallery centre in Mackay, North Queensland, designed by Cox Rainer Architects. It was opened to the public in December 2002.

The building houses a large display space for contemporary art, crafts and travelling exhibitions, storage and exhibition prep spaces, a social history exhibition space, offices and a seminar room.

Spirit and Place
Spirit and Place is a feature social history exhibit combining objects in a 10m long showcase, archival imagery on lightboxes and a single-screen multimedia projection created by CDP Media.

I developed the technical systems and screen design, and created hundreds of original digital video, stills and audio media resources for the project.

Using a proprietary software to facilitate creation of real-time multi-layered compositions of digital video, stills, text and audio, 25 ‘story modules’ were created, ranging from 90 seconds to 5 minutes duration. Each module was a story told by one of twenty Mackay residents interviewed by CDP for the project. The youngest was 15 years old and the oldest, 97.

The system sensed visitor movement in the space to trigger replay of story modules in random order, avoiding any sense of repetitive looping. Transitions between modules comprised dozens of themed digital photos evoking personal histories and the different environments of the region.

There were two audio systems in the space – one delivering the sound accompanying the stories, the other ambient sounds recorded in and around Mackay.

The result was a richly textured multimedia experience conveying a strong sense of the local region, encouraging reflection upon its unique cultural and social histories.

gary warner 2012


video interviews
photography, audio recordings
multimedia production
creative direction
technical systems design

Contract Period
Aug 2002 – Dec 2002