janet laurence 2012

Acclaimed Australian artist Janet Laurence invited me to assist in creation of digital media feature elements for her 2012 commissioned project at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney.

In preparation for the project, Janet travelled to various countries in Asia, collecting footage on a DSLR camera. I advised her on shooting techniques, then managed and edited the footage in collaboration with her in Sydney, also creating original soundscape elements.

The resulting large-screen projection features worked sequences exploring emotive characteristics of elephants and pandas living in conservation habitat captivity.

Another area in the multi-part installation involved use of a wide range of forest ‘camera trap’ photos sent to Janet from Indonesian wildlife conservation agencies. These flash-photographs, including images of large forest species such as tapir, tiger, deer, monkeys and cloud leopards, were colour-inverted, sequenced and projected through hanging layers of gauze.

The slowly dissolving ‘portraits’ created an eery sense of a dreamlike nocturnal habitat where the theatre of animals plays out, in seeming defiance of human interference.

Other Works
In the past few years I’ve produced a series of digital media elements for Janet’s works including a comprehensive flickr site, manipulated imagery for her installation at Singapore’s Changi Airport, and large-screen projection media for installations at the National Gallery of Victoria, Breenspace, the Hong Kong Art Fair and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

gary warner 2012


digital media editing
installation assistance

Contract Period
Mar 2011 – Mar 2012