maria fernanda cardoso 2012

Maria Fernanda Cardoso is a Colombian-born artist living in Sydney, Australia. She was invited to exhibit her current major project The Museum of Copulatory Organs in the 18th Biennale of Sydney.

Maria Fernanda invited me to collaborate with her on the project by designing and managing construction of four large timber showcases, designing the LED lighting systems, and providing advice and assistance with museological aspects of the installation.

We worked together on design and planning, then spent close to three weeks in the post-industrial setting of Sydney harbour’s Cockatoo Island, transforming the ground floor of a decommissioned 19th century building into a contemporary art exhibition project.

The showcases and lighting system are robust and designed for ongoing use, as the MOCO finds other venues to inhabit in the future.

Link to an interview with Maria Fernanda Cardoso by STUDIO, Australia’s dedicated arts and entertainment channel.

gary warner 2012


showcase + lighting design
exhibition design

Contract Period
March – July 2012