geodesic dome greenhouse 2012

In 2012, I developed a custom design for a unique aluminium and hardwood hub system for efficient construction of timber geodesic domes.

I’m a Siteworks Associate with the Bundanon Trust. They commissioned me to construct a hardwood dome for Bundanon Trust Siteworks 2012.

The construction elements were fabricated in Sydney with assistance from Philip Sticklen. The dome was then constructed on site in a paddock in front of the Bundanon homestead, as part of the general activities of Siteworks 2012. The structure will be moved to Bundanon’s Riversdale campus, where it will be clad in shadecloth for its intended purpose as a native seedling shadehouse for the Living Landscape project.

Living Landscape is a four year partnership between Bundanon Trust, the Borland Bequest and Landcare Australia to increase biodiversity, reconnect native habitat and further develop sustainable operational practices on the Bundanon properties.

The small dome will also serve as a locus for educational activites at Bundanon’s Riversdale campus.

gary warner 2012


fabrication and construction

Contract Period
September-October 2012