DITW 2017

CDP was engaged by Freeman Ryan Design to create two animation elements for an innovative live action cultural experience ‘Dinosaurs in the Wild’ that opened in Birmingham, UK in July 2017.

One animation helps convince visitors they’re travelling in an underground lift.

For the other more complex piece, we brought in longtime colleague, skilled 3D and VFX animator Alister Ferguson of Wild Things Creative, to spin Earth through 67 million years of reverse tectonics, arrive at the Cretaceous epoch of dinosaurs, then fly down to spatially orient visitors to their location within a time-shifted research facility on the pre-human planet.

This animation plays in the first of a series of spaces through which visitors are progressively guided until reaching a dramatic cinematic immersion amongst hyper-realistic CGI dinosaurs created by a leading London visual effects company.

DITW installation photo (lower right, above) by Stephen Ryan, FRD